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Security-Tools Database  v.b.0.9.4

Security-Tools Database is an easy to use tool to manage tool-tipps (e.g. from the Newsletters and other sources). Simply copy + paste tipps from the newsletter or enter tipps manually. Finds tools by any combinations of search

Security Tools Collection  v.32

Collection of open source security tools that enhance the ability of people and companies to secure their environment. These tools will build upon the foundation laid by the security community.

Automated Security Tools  v.1.2.2

Automated Security Tools (autosec) aims to provide automatic tools which network administrators may useto help check and.

Blaxxun Platform Security Tools  v.0.11

This set of tools is designed to give a security team for a Blaxxun Platform implementation, access to features relating to gaging chat members or excluding members without allowing them to arbitrarily gag or exclude members.

Personal Security Package  v.

PSP is an integrated set of security tools created to block viruses, worms, hackers and other malicious application from entering your personal computer. PSP locks your system to external connections and isolates, records, and warns you of all

Security Depot  v.1.0

Security Depot is a central place for computer security tools and documentation for every OS and platform. Defense, attack, and auditing tools for and against all OSes have been collected into one repository.

Open Source Security Network  v.1.0

Guard Stone is an Open Source Security Platform, which enables to integrate and deploy open source security tools. Some of Guard Stone's focus areas include Firewall, VPN, Mail Gateway Filters, Web Filters, Web Application Security, Routing etc;

Winmagic2005  v.5.5

This Utility Can Customize Your Computer You Fit To Needs. Includes Desktop & Startmenu Security tools win Customizing Tools It's Give More EnterTaintment. Now You Have Option To Brand your compouter own. Oemlogo Manager

F-Secure BlackLight  v.2.2.1092 Beta

F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology detects objects that are hidden from users and security tools and offers the user an option to remove them. The main purpose is to fight rootkits and all kinds of malware that use rootkits. The

MyWIFIzone WIFI Internet Access Blocker  v.3.1

myWIFIzone blocks Freeloaders from using your WIFI network to access the internet. Features real-time intruder alerts and logging. Compatible with WEP/WPA security tools. Can be upgraded to support WIFI hotspot

TaskPatrol  v.2.0.0

TaskPatrol is the arsenal of security tools designed to give you complete overview of software running on your system, in a comprehensible and easy to understand way. It includes advanced process viewer with security analyzer and real-time monitoring

PowerBroker Desktops DLP Edition  v.3.3

PowerBroker® Desktops DLP Edition is a powerful data control and monitoring solution to the problem of data privacy and confidentiality in IT infrastructure. PowerBroker Desktops DLP Edition effectively replaces individual security tools, such as

RogueKiller  v.

RogueKiller is a tool written in C, which scans the processes running, and kill those who are malicious. I developed this tool after seeing that some rogues (eg Security Tools) blocked the execution of disinfection programs, and some programs (eg

NARC  v.rc

NARC Network Analysis Reporting Console takes output from security tools like Nessus, and NMap & populates a database via automated scripts for reporting purposes. Version 0.DC14 also includes rudimentary reporting capabilities. New from

Silvertunnel - Java lib+browser for TOR  v.1.0 is a project that provides an end-user browser, a Java library and additional Java security tools to easily access anonymity networks such as the Tor ( network. Secure and easy to use. Tor4Java and Tor

SKIF - Personal Password & Data Sentinel  v.1280

SKIF ppds - Personal Password and Data Sentinel- password manager and data security-tools. Single file (main database) encrypted Blowfish-cipher - for storage user acounts and any text data. "Crypto" tools - Blowfish-cipher,SHA,MD5,DIFF,MAC and

The Knock Project  v.092305

The Knock Project is a collection of security tools providing increased client/server authentication. The server and its functionality is provided by the netfilter kernel interface. Included are the daemon, a GNU/Linux client and a Windows

Uw utility  v.1.0

uw utility is a C++ librairy. It provide tools to crypt file / decrypt file with a high level security, tools to use tupples and other usefuls tools.

Pwnlab  v.1.0

Pwnlab is a self-contained penetration-testing tutorial and lab for students and practitioners of information security, and for software developers. It combines original tutorials, real-world security tools, and virtual "victim" machines.

Secure Edit Unicode  v.1.0g

Secure text editor, like notepad but saves encrypted text

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